About Ovation Concerts

It is time for the world’s conception of the symphony orchestra and classical music to change. Through a series of powerful, cutting-edge performances that combine classical and contemporary music, we answer this call. We provide opportunities for gifted emerging artists to perform with internationally established musicians in a solo and ensemble setting.

Our mission is to promote balanced diversity in the performing arts and help foster immediate change in the ethnic representation of orchestral and classical musicians with the fierce urgency of now’ through performance, education, dialogue, and discussion.

Here’s How:

Prestige Performances

These concerts take place in New York City at the Centennial Memorial Theater, providing performance opportunities for elite emerging classical musicians (vocal and instrumental).

In both an ensemble and solo setting, these musicians have the chance to collaborate with established world-renowned artists. An artistic advisory committee composed of distinguished musicians representing the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Juilliard School and others, aids in the selection of a diverse group of emerging artists. With Innovative programming as an integral ingredient to the series, it spans classical to pop with the use of multimedia and reestablishes the orchestra as a multifaceted musical vehicle that is highly relevant in today’s musical society.

The Salvation Army Phil Ramone Orchestra for Children and Prodigy Outreach

This program is designed to involve students (elementary to high school) and developing professionals, providing masterclass and workshop opportunities with the visiting Prestige Performance Artists. Students of The Salvation Army Phil Ramone Orchestra for Children in Harlem are an important component in the participation and interaction of these master classes and workshops. Prodigy participants are individuals who are excelling in their studies and are at the top of their class. The artistic committee will choose the participants with diversity taken into consideration in the selection process.

We endeavor to provide unique and meaningful arts programming for children and adults, educate audiences and artists alike, provide significant exposure for emerging performing artists and build a lifelong audience for areas of the arts that have been long overlooked in performance and curriculum.

Although we will incorporate several aspects of the fine arts into our programs, our focus is on instrumental and orchestral music performance spanning several genres including classical, jazz and pop.

Most performances will be ticketed; however many will be preceded by educational workshops or masterclasses, free for participants’ families, as well as the faculty, staff, and students of each partner institution.

We will offer a dynamic and constantly evolving program, operating in four branches:

1. Prestige Performances – featuring a professional integrated orchestra performing with a team of diverse world-renowned artists and emerging talent.

An artistic committee composed of distinguished musicians representing the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and local music education institutions, including the Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, Third Street Music School Settlement, Opus 118 Harlem School of Music and the Harlem School for the Arts aids in the selection of the Emerging Artists.

2. Untold Legacies of Black Composers – dedicated to promoting and highlight­ing the work of underperformed com­posers of color, such as Joseph Bologne, William Grant Still, Florence Price, and others not included in the traditional music history curriculum.

3. Prodigy Educational Outreach – in­volving students and developing pro­fessionals, providing masterclass and workshop opportunities with visiting Prestige Performance Artists.

4. TopTech Internships – a partnership with Life Light Street Productions, whose mission is to help at-risk young adults by developing knowledge in tele­vision production and college prepara­tion. These interns will assist in various aspects of the audio and video technical production of the Prestige performances.



Ovation Concerts was formed with the purpose of presenting artistically diverse, world-class musical performances for the lower Manhattan community. We provide a high level of artistic return to intrigue, educate and provide enrichment for all in attendance.

The ultimate artistic goal of the Ovation Series is to provide diverse, well-trained and passionate emerging artists the opportunities to collaborate with established, renowned artists. This combined with the promotion of true diversity in the arts will foster immediate change in minority representation in orchestras and classical music.

Ovation Concerts intends to be a beacon of live music in an indoor concert setting in lower New York City. Centennial Memorial Temple, a 1400 Seat, historically preserved, state-of-the-art performance facility located at the crossroads of the city’s Chelsea and Greenwich Village neighborhoods, will serve as the primary venue for the first two seasons. Subsequent seasons will be held at the World Trade Center Performing arts Center pending completion.