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Ovation Concerts awarded Puffin Foundation West Grant for Artistic Diversity


Ovation Concerts was awarded a 2017 Puffin Foundation West Grant to further its work in balanced diversity in the arts through its Untold Legacies of Black Composers residencies. The funding was used in part to present components of the Untold Legacies at the 2017 Gateways Music Festival in Rochester, NY this summer. We are deeply honored to receive this award from the Puffin Foundation West (PWF) and cherish the generosity of PFW and its President Java Kitrick.

Photos and videos are on the way so be sure to check back very soon.

Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. seeks to open the doors of artistic expression by providing grants to artist activists and arts organizations often excluded from mainstream opportunities due to race, gender, or social philosophy. Artists are able to reach across the borders of our imagination and in doing so often peaceably transform our society’s ideas about social justice issues.  Creative expression and innovation have always helped move society towards a more progressive democracy and allow us to recognize our universal humanity. Puffin Foundation West, Ltd. is committed to supporting such grass-roots artists and organizations.

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TopTech Internships


Ovation Concerts will partner with Light Street Productions, whose mission is to help at-risk Students and young adults and instill hope for a second chance, to develop knowledge in television production and college preparation, and to build access to professional networks and alternative career paths.

These young adults Will be provided opportunities to assist with various aspects of audio and video technical production of the Prestigeperformancess.

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Untold Legacies


The face of classical music has, historically, been that of a person of European descent. The training and education of amateurs and professionals alike have largely reflected this imbalanced representation.

The study of musical history is a major component in the pursuit of a performance degree, and yet there is an undeniable void as it relates to classical musicians with Black heritage, composers, and performers who have been significant influencers of western classical music throughout the centuries.

Ovation Concerts looks to partner with institutions of higher education to enhance the profile of diversity in the arts within classical music. We seek active involvement from faculty, staff, and students in its programming.

Ovation Concerts’ Emerging Artists travel to university campuses to present interactive and dynamic programs designed to engage faculty and students through panel discussions, concert performances and a film screening of a documentary discussing Joseph Bologne and other black classical musicians and their influence in music history.


Ovation Concerts focuses on assertive measures for diversity in the performing arts. Increasing diversity in performing arts organizations and ensembles with regard to race and economic stature is of paramount importance.

Each series endeavors to cover the following:

How to immediately close the gaps within the curriculum of traditional western music history to include a critical examination of the works of Black composers such as Joseph Bologne, William Grant Still, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Florence Price, and others.

The societal reasons behind incomplete
curriculum structures, and the lasting ramifications of ambivalence towards such.

Works by traditionally neglected Black composers in traditional settings (orchestral concerts, masterclasses, etc.)

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About Ovation Concerts


It is time for the world’s conception of the symphony orchestra and classical music to change. Through a series of powerful, cutting-edge performances that combine classical and contemporary music, we answer this call. We provide opportunities for gifted emerging artists to perform with internationally established musicians in a solo and ensemble setting.

Our mission is to promote balanced diversity in the performing arts and help foster immediate change in the ethnic representation of orchestral and classical musicians with the fierce urgency of now’ through performance, education, dialogue, and discussion.

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