Our Philosophy

The performing arts community is in great need of ethnic diversity, particularly in classical music. Despite a  flourishing minority artist community in New York, these issues have not been effectively addressed. There is a vast underrepresentation of minorities throughout the world of classical music, in both performance and administrative roles. According to the League of American Orchestras, African Americans make up less than 2% of artistic personnel.

Ovation Concerts, based in New York City at Centennial Memorial Hall, provides performance opportunities for emerging classical musicians, vocal and instrumental, in an ensemble and solo setting. Emerging talent have the opportunity to perform with established, world-renowned artists. Musicians of African descent are strongly encouraged to apply and participate.

Ovation Concerts thrives on the knowledge that interaction enriches the arts within communities by offering opportunities for mutual sharing, questioning, learning, understanding and change. We recognize two fundamental truths:

1. Today’s society is comprised of diverse, constantly shifting strands and identities, and

2. This cultural interaction involves change for all people.

We do not isolate this metamorphosis to non -traditional or minority communities. Ovation Concerts understands the term cultural diversity, as it applies to the arts. It encompass inclusive arts programming, and fostering more specific intercultural arts practice between artists and their communities from a wide range of national, ethnic or cultural groups.

Ovation seeks to have an immediate impact on the representation of black musicians in the field of classical music, with a concentration on instrumentalists and orchestral musicians to achieve balanced diversity in all of its outlets.

To facilitate this, the programs take a unique approach to create lasting change in the world of orchestral music for days society in several ways.